Karma Nova Arts

Home of the Gigapixel Art

Karma Nova Arts features high-resolution Gigapixel quality digital image art.
We have taken by ourselves thousands images of remarkable world locations and events.
Now we have created the Gallery with the most interesting images combined into Gigapixel digital art available for purchase by NFT.
Contact us at www@karmanova.art for more help and details.

The Gallery

Every image consists of 80000 sub images originally taken by Karma Nova Arts team.
The buyer will get a link to download 5 Gigapixels high-resolution image set.
Usual image print size is around 5 x 6 meters with 300 dpi image quality.
Please use Gimp, Photoshop or XNView to open, view or print high-resolution image files.

You can always purchase any image into your NFT collection of arts.
100 Gigapixel image render available on special request.

Available Collections

● Monaco Racing Days Tribute


Coming soon

● Abu Dhabi The Heart of the Modern East

● Hong Kong The Future is Now

● Maldives Relax Under the Sun

● Portugal Adventures

● Prague True Medieval City

● Singapore Asian Heart

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